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Military Applications

Engineered for harsh environments, shock and vibration, our robust product solutions have been designed into many military applications. A few have been listed below. We have designed solutions ranging from very economical COTS products to very high MIL spec products.


US Navy Tac 4 Trackballs

Our industrial/military 50 mm trackball was used in this application. It had to meet a number of stringent military specifications for shock, vibration and environmental requirements. It also had to withstand 150 pounds of pressure on the unit – the equivalent of someone standing on the trackball. This unit included a heavy metal fascia plate and four buttons for mouse input functions. Due to the stainless steel components and rugged design of the unit, the trackballs have held up in the field very well.


Air Force One Trackball

Our durable 3-button fascia mounted trackball is currently being used on Air Force One. The small footprint of this unit made it a perfect choice for this application where real estate is at a premium. The sealed unit helps prevent unwanted ball movement due to aircraft vibrations.


Military Keyboard

The KMW-100CT is a full-travel sealed keyboard with an integrated trackball. A unique non-membrane sealing method ensures total resistance to the ingress of dust and liquids into the keyboard. This is ideal for the harsh environmental requirements of many Military applications.


Robot Joystick

When conditions call for an unmanned vehicle operation, high quality controls are needed to guide them. Our joystick has been used in these types of control module applications. Durability and reliably are two of the driving factors for selecting our joysticks.


Army CHS2 Trackball

Our rugged 38 mm sealed trackball was used in another military application during Desert Storm. The robust seal on this unit has held up very well against the harsh sands of the desert.



Military Helicopter Trackball

Our highly engineered Trackball is customized to meet mil specs for Naval helicopters.  The trackball is designed to work perfectly in the high vibration, tough environmental conditions of this application.