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Looking for a display for a recreational vehicle, a car, a speedboat or an ATV?

OLED Products

Picture Size Part Number Panel Size Active Area Resolution Color Dot Size Dot Pitch Thickness Bonding IC Interface Connection Method Datasheet
USMP-P005-064032WBI-A0 14.5 x 11.6 11.18 x 5.58 W 0.155 x 0.155 0.175 x 0.175 1.02 COG I2C Hot Bar link to datasheet
2.7" USMP-P027-128064NBI-A0 64.61 x 37 61.41 x 30.69 128 x 64 Y 0.45 x 0.45 0.48 x 0.48 1.82 SPD0301 Parallel, SPI, I2C Connector link to datasheet

TFT Products

Diagonal Size Resolution Brand Part Number Outline Interface Active Area Viewing Angle Contrast Ratio Brightness Operating Temp. Storage Temp. Touch Panel Datasheet
4.3" 480 x 272 USMP USMP-TT043WS-01F 105.5 x 67.2x2.6 Digital 24-bits RGB 96.7 x 55.3 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 600 460 -20~70C 10-90C No link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP USMP-T1230-19200720N-82A0 310×128×7.7 LVDS 292.032×109.512 (H) 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 1000 -30 ~ 85°C -40 ~ 95°C CTP link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP USMP-T123-19200720C-82A1 330.0×150.75×18.13 LVDS 292.032×109.512 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 1000 -30 ~ 80°C -40 ~ 90°C CTP link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP T123-19200720C-82A0 330.0×150.75×17.93 LVDS 292.032×109.512 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 700 -30 ~ 85°C -40 ~ 95°C No link to datasheet

Whether you are replacing the gagues, adding a display to a dashboard, replacing a center console, or looking to develop an aftermarket part, let the Display Engineers from US Micro Products guide you through the process of designing the best display for your project. 

The following features are necessary to have a high performance display for a transportation application:

High Brightness for outdoor readability High image quality (high resolution and high contrast)
Wide view angles Resistive or Capacitive touch
Wide temperature range Anti-fingerprint coating
Long display lifetime Optical bonding to increase brightness, clarity, and reduce reflection
Long product support Anti-scattering film and strengthen cover lens
Sunlight durability film Quick response time, refresh rate to avoid lag
  Low power consumption
  Low cost
  Ruggedized design
Small size TFTs
Segmented LCDs
Character LCDs
Wide aspect ratio TFTs
Small size TFTs
Segmented LCDs
Chemically strengthened P-Cap Solutions
Standard and wide aspect ratio TFTs
AR and anti-fingerprint coated cover lenses
Customer and standard AM and PMOLEDs


LCD - Ford Think Electric Vehicle

Ford needed a display to show a variety of icons and read outs including battery life, mileage and more. They needed it to be circular in shape to fit the design of the dashboard. We designed a custom display to meet this requirement. The end result for Ford was a display that was legible in sunlight, and displayed their custom icons while providing a cost efficient solution.

The customer required a ruggedized display for a boat console. We designed a 12.3" TFT 1280x480 with a 1000 nits backlight for high brightness and a chemically strengthened cover lens with glass on glass P-cap sensor. Another solution we manufactured for this client was a 7" TFT 800x480, 1000 nits backlight and AR coating for the same application.

Truck Dashboard Console

An amber backlight LED was used for this application. The backlight designed to provide a robust product that can withstand a harsh environment of shock, vibration, wide temperature ranges and a long life – up to 100,000 hours.

Backlight - Automotive Console

Our customer required a robust solution with long life and multiple colors. So we designed an LED solution using several colors of LEDs and a special housing and light guide that provided clear lighting without any color distortion.

Engine Tuner for Automotive

Our 16x2 Character Display outfits an engine tuner for commercial cars and trucks. Its low profile allows it to fit in the tight size constraints of this handheld application.

Automotive TFT with Touch Screen

Our TFTs can support wide temperatures and have high brightness, as well as an integrated touch screen.

In Car Entertainment Display

Our 6.4" flat panel display is a great product for the ever-growing market of on car entertainment. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for mounting in seats, dash or over-head applications.

Our Display Engineers will analyze your requirements and design the best solution for your specific application. Once we design a solution, we will manufacture, do quality control and deliver a high quality display at the best value. To find out more about our Engineered Display Solutions Process, visit our Custom Displays page

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