Industrial Applications

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USMP’s robust industrial line of products is an excellent fit for almost any industrial application

OLED Products

Picture Size Part Number Panel Size Active Area Resolution Color Dot Size Dot Pitch Thickness Bonding IC Interface Connection Method Datasheet
USMP-P005-064032WBI-A0 14.5 x 11.6 11.18 x 5.58 W 0.155 x 0.155 0.175 x 0.175 1.02 COG I2C Hot Bar link to datasheet
0.7" USMP-P32401 24 x 7.44 17.644 x 3.26 96 x 16 W 0.185 x 0.164 0.205 x 0.184 1.02 COG LD7054 Parallel, SPI, I2C Connector link to datasheet
2.7" USMP-P027-128064NBI-A0 64.61 x 37 61.41 x 30.69 128 x 64 Y 0.45 x 0.45 0.48 x 0.48 1.82 SPD0301 Parallel, SPI, I2C Connector link to datasheet

TFT Products

Diagonal Size Resolution Brand Part Number Outline Interface Active Area Viewing Angle Contrast Ratio Brightness Operating Temp. Storage Temp. Touch Panel Datasheet
240 x 320 AUO USMP-T015-024032NDH-A0 22.104×29.472 80 / 80 / 80 / 80 800 420 -20~70°C -30~80°C link to datasheet
4.3" 480 x 272 USMP USMP-TT043WS-01F 105.5 x 67.2x2.6 Digital 24-bits RGB 96.7 x 55.3 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 600 460 -20~70C 10-90C No link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP T123-19200720C-82A0 330.0×150.75×17.93 LVDS 292.032×109.512 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 700 -30 ~ 85°C -40 ~ 95°C No link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP USMP-T1230-19200720N-82A0 310×128×7.7 LVDS 292.032×109.512 (H) 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 1000 -30 ~ 85°C -40 ~ 95°C CTP link to datasheet
12.3" 1920 x 720 USMP USMP-T123-19200720C-82A1 330.0×150.75×18.13 LVDS 292.032×109.512 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 1000 1000 -30 ~ 80°C -40 ~ 90°C CTP link to datasheet

Open Frame Monitor Products

Panel Size Part Number Resolution Active Size Brightness Display Colors Operating Temp. Pixel Pitch Viewing Angle Datasheet
19" USMP-OFIA185-W-01B 1366 x 768 409.8 x 230.4 250 16.7M 0°~50° 0.3 x 0.3 170 / 160 link to datasheet

We offer a wide variety of displays that can be easily integrated into most systems. If your application calls for a custom display design, our experienced engineering staff will be happy to provide you with assistance.

These are the minimum requirements for a display for an industrial application:

Long display lifetime High color gamut
Long product support High image quality (high resolution, high contrast)
Great environmental performance High brightness for outdoor readability
EOL management Wide view angles
  Privacy film
  Quick response time and refresh rate to prevent lag
  Low power consumption
  Low cost
  Ruggedized design
  High reliability test requirement
  Certification required
  Wide temperature range;

USMP’s displays have been used for the following applications, among many others:

Open Frame Monitor for Industrial Vending Machine

Open frame monitor with built in resistive touch screen for demanding high use Industrial vending application.

Industrial Media Console for Video Editing

Our yellow PMOLEDs were incorporated into top video editing equipment used in the field. The small bezel allowed them to be placed close together to form a seamless grid of displays.

Paper Mill LCD

This application required a wide temperature range of –20C to 70C. Our displays come in a variety of temperature ranges including standard 0C to 50C, wide –20C to 70C and extra wide –30C to 85C. Please contact us for custom temperature ranges specific to your needs.

Engine Microprocessor Box LCD

A two-line character display with no backlight provided a very cost efficient solution for this application. A microprocessor in the box allowed the consumers’ engine to run at higher performance levels.


Our Display Engineers will analyze your requirements and design the best solution for your specific application. Once we design a solution, we will manufacture, do quality control and deliver a high quality display at the best value. To find out more about our Engineered Display Solutions Process, visit our Custom Displays page.

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