Full Color TFT LCD Displays

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US Micro Products manufactures a wide selection of TFT LCD (Active Matrix LCDs) displays to accommodate the needs of OEMs across many different industries, including medical, industrial, gaming, military and many more.

Our standard TFT LCD sizes range from 1.4” to 84”, with custom cut panels for unique size requirements.

We offer several panel types:

  • Ultra High Definition 4K modules for extra sharpness and impact
  • FFS (fringe field switching) or IPS (in-plane switching) for superior contrast and performance
  • MVA (multi-domain vertical alignment) for extra-wide viewing angles
  • TN (twisted nematic) for our most affordable modules
  • An array of available interfaces, brightness levels and temperature ranges ensure that our TFT LCDs work well with your design and in the environment of your choice.

Did you know? Select TFT displays are available for sale online. Check out our store, or download a specs sheet below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us at sales@usmicroproducts.com! We are a manufacturer of Custom Display Solutions.

About Our TFT Displays

We have a variety of other TFT LCD options, including:

  • Available interfaces: MCU, MPU, 8-bit RGB, 16 bit RGB, 18 bit RGB, 24 bit RGB, LVDS, TTL, CMOS
  • LCD Types: TN, MVA, IPS, FFS, A-MVA, P-MVA, S-MVA, PVA, ASV, Transmissive, Transflective
  • Backlights: CCFL, LED
  • Coatings: Antireflective, Antiglare (for Sunlight Readable Display)
  • Manufacturers: US Micro Products, Innolux, AUO (AU Optronics)
  • Select Modules: Touch Panels, Extra Wide Displays, Custom Sizes, 5 year guaranteed production

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