Custom Display Solutions

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Engineered Custom Display Solutions

What does that mean?

In an industry where being the same as everyone else just isn’t enough, you have to find a way to differentiate your product from the pack. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and one is to have the best display solution to fit your product.

At US Micro Products, we work relentlessly to design the single most efficient display to accomplish your needs. If you are looking for a round display for your dashboard, or a high brightness display for your outdoor gas pump, or a vandal resistant cover glass for your ATM. Even if you are new to display technology and don’t know where to start, our Display Engineers can guide you through the design process and help you fulfill your requirements and provide the best value. Our unique Engineered Display Solutions Process (EDSP) is used to determine the solution that better suits your application.

How EDSP works


Technology Selection

1.1 Customer inquiry
1.2 Explore application options
1.3 Technology fit
1.4 Verify project choices - Technology Confirmation



2.1 Feasibility study
2.2 Implement design
2.3 Order samples



3.1 EVT: Engineering Validation Test
3.2 DVT: Design Validation Test
3.3 PVT and customer approval: Production Validation Test
3.4 Mass production

Custom Display Solutions For Unique Needs

How custom are they?

Different digital applications require different displays because they are not all created equal. Many variables come into consideration when selecting a display for your product, ranging from size, shape, strength, brightness, among others.

When a standard product doesn’t fit the specifications that you need, we can design the perfect display for you. There are multiple customizations that we can do, from a longer flex to a custom size, a particular organic compound or even adding a heater for low temperatures.

Our expertise lies in designing and engineering custom digital displays across different applications, including industrial displaysmedical displays. Whether you seek a custom PMOLED display, a custom AMOLED display, a custom TFT LED display, or a custom passive LCD display, our engineers curate optimal custom display design solutions to elevate your business.

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