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US Micro Products is a manufacturer of custom displays

We add the human touch to technology.

We design and deliver the highest performance display for your application. We combine 25 years of expertise, exceptional technology, and world-class customer service to provide the perfect solution for your product.

We believe that the display is the window to the soul of your product. It’s what allows your customers to interact with your technology. We listen to your needs; then, we deliver the best balance of performance, technology, and value to make your final product outstanding.

Our recipe for providing you, our customer, with the right solution:

  • Innovation – Display performance and customization that will set your product apart
  • Expertise – Engineering prowess to design and deliver the optimal technology
  • Service – Global scale with local support you can rely on throughout your product lifecycle and beyond

Our customers are companies of all sizes across multiple industries, including Automotive, Marine, and other transportation markets; Medical, Gaming, Instrumentation, Industrial, Aerospace, Military, IoT, POS, and specialty Consumer markets.

Our Story

USMP was born in 1996.  We had a vision. We enjoyed the challenge of being able to provide solutions to problems that to others, seemed impossible. We started developing, designing and delivering custom solutions.

Since conception, we created highly specialized custom solutions for the US military, later entered the medical market, serving customers like GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, and Siemens, among others. We then worked with aerospace companies like Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, and many more. And since 2008, we have entered the wearables market with customized displays, and now we are the #1 provider of displays for the wearable market.

We have an average growth of around 40% per year, which landed us a place in the Inc5000 list for five consecutive years, from 2012 to 2016.

Since conception, we made the strategic decision to remain a fabless manufacturer. That decision has allowed US Micro Products to be able to provide a wide range of display technologies, as well as the latest cutting-edge technologies. We have a mutually beneficial agreement with our suppliers; we keep their factories busy while we focus on providing a display that will be cost-efficient and explicitly tailored to our customer’s product needs.

Nurturing long-term relationships is our priority, so we treat our suppliers and our customers as members of our team. We all have the same objective: to create a product with a beautiful display solution! Our work is driven by a belief that the display is the window to the soul of the product. Therefore, it is one of the critical components and should be treated as such.

We go out of our way to solve our customers’ problems, ensuring that their needs are met and their goals are achieved.

Our Process

Engineering display solutions are at the core of who we are. From gathering requirements to selecting a particular chemical compound, our process can be complex, so we simplified it into a three-step process and called it EDSP (Engineered Display Solution Process).

Step 1 is Technology Selection, where we explore our customer’s requirements and their application options, assign the right technology, and verify the fit. We go through this process until the project’s goals are met.

Step 2 is the Design Process; we utilize our technical knowledge and applications expertise to determine the complexity of the project and make recommendations. Then, we implement the design and order working samples that will be used for prototyping. This process might be repeated until goals are exceeded.

Step 3 is Manufacturing; once our customer’s Engineering Team receives the samples, they run tests to make sure that they adhere to all the electrical and mechanical requirements. Once the display is verified and approved by the customer, it goes into mass production.

Our involvement doesn’t stop at mass production. We handle the logistics and deliver the product anywhere it is needed, worldwide. We work directly with OEMs and their contract manufacturers to make sure that every step of the supply chain is secure. We stand behind our product. All of USMP’s displays are backed by our 12-month standard warranty. We work closely with our partners to ensure high-quality standards.

Company Profile
  Fabless custom display manufacturer
Headquarters Austin TX
Year Founded 1996
Revenue $30 Million
Awards Inc 5000 Recognized 2012-2016
Quality ISO 9001:2015
Entity Type Privately held Texas Corporation
Employees 30
Locations Los Angeles, Austin, New York, London, Shenzhen, Taichung


Different applications require different display specifications. From tiny-sized displays for wearables and instrumentation to 85” 4k displays for casino gaming, we have an extensive selection of products and many years of expertise and knowledge that allow us to provide the best solutions across multiple markets.

We serve the following markets:

  • Outdoors
  • Wearables
  • Instrumentation
  • Consumer
  • IoT
  • Home Automation
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Casino Gaming
  • Industrial
  • Kiosk

For more information about our display solutions for different markets, please visit our Applications Page.

We manufacture a myriad of excellent display products, including TFT LCDs, OLEDs, touch screens, graphic and character LCDs, and open frame monitors.  

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Our customers are OEMs building diverse applications for use in the Medical, Gaming, Industrial, Automotive, Defence, Instrumentation, and Kiosk markets. We have supplied solutions to such esteemed companies as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Abbott Diabetes, Philips Medical, Siemens, and GE Healthcare, among others. The engineers at US Micro Products help to create displays and human interface devices for applications ranging from high-volume consumer electronics to low-volume custom projects.