USMP to Collaborate with University of Minnesota in Solar Vehicle

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We are proud to announce that we are partnering with the University of Minnesota in a wonderful project that will include our 7" TFT for automotive applications.

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project was founded in 1990 and has since built 13 solar-powered vehicles, raced over 30 solar challenges in four different countries, and holds the world record for most wins at the Formula Sun Grand Prix. Their track record makes them the #1 cruiser class solar car team in America. Their goal is to create better engineers, business people, and leaders by innovating solar vehicle technology. Currently, they are building their 14th solar car: Freya I. This car will be the team's first 4-seat solar car and will race in the 2019 World Solar Challenge in Australia against other solar car teams from around the world. They are custom-building almost every aspect of the car including the electric motors, carbon fiber shell, solar array, and a lithium-ion battery. Check out their social media to stay updated: @umnsvp

See this cool vehicle in action!