One Glass Solution for Beautiful, Super-Thin Displays

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November 2012, Austin Tx - All new One Glass Solution touch technology comes from our manufacturing partners at RitFast. With demand for ultra-thin consumer electronics on the rise, OEMs look increasingly to component manufacturers for improvements in design and development.

Often called Direct Pattern Window or Sensor on Lens, One Glass Solution eliminates the need for a second piece of glass over the touch panel by embedding a sensor directly under the primary glass surface. The result is a product that is slimmer than ever with superior transparency.


  • Slim - With no need for lamination, OGS touch panels are extra thin.
  • Strong - Proprietary manufacturing processes ensure strength.
  • Transparent - ITO bridge, IML Layer and AR coating come together for sparkling optical clarity.
  • Anti-Fingerprint - Optical coating keeps touch panels looking their best.

USMP has a range of standard touch panels as well as built to order solutions, and continues to offer several touch technologies, including Film-on-Glass (FOG), Glass-on-Glass and more. We have standard and custom options available for quick easy and affordable incorporation into your next project.

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