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For companies that do a couple of new products a year, the process for finding a source for displays comes down to a couple of methods; using a couple of suppliers they have some history with, or the engineers and procurement hit the Web.

The LCD industry is continually evolving, and many companies are shifting their strategic focus, have changed management and ownership.

When using the Web to find manufacturers, the websites present an image of how they want you to perceive them. From our experience, unless you visit and tour a manufacturing facility, you don't know what the reality is.

We toured a backlight manufacturer's facility that we were interested in bringing on as a supplier. Their website was great, and they gave all the right answers in our meetings. We toured their "clean room area" and found people smoking and trash cans overflowing. They didn't meet our standards, so we didn't sign an agreement with them.

The display and touch systems are the primary interface to most modern devices and make a big impression on the customer's perceived quality, not to mention it is one of the most expensive parts of a product. Making the wrong choice of supplier or display technology can be a costly mistake.  By making the right choice, you save time to market, avoid delays in the product design, avoid the cost of field returns, and most importantly, the customer's overall impression of your product.

We all use lawyers, doctors, and other experts when we need advice. In some industries, it costs more than $500 for a service call, not counting the replacement of the display. By choosing the right display, you are lowering your risk of having problems in the future.

US Micro Products does over 200 display system designs a year. We are specialists and have the expertise, processes, and procedures to eliminate risk and get your product to the field faster with fewer issues and a more significant ROI.   

If you have questions or need help finding the right display for your application, send us an email at

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