Industry Update - Mitsubishi and Sharp Retreating from LCD Business

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Display Market Blog - Industrial Display Market trends and the effect of Mitsubishi and Sharp retreating from the market

Sharp and Mitsubishi have been a mainstay of the industrial display market. Mitsubishi recently announced they are no longer in the LCD business. Sharp has drastically paired back their offering to the industrial market, sending multiple displays sizes into EOL (End Of Life). This change has been a trend in the industrial display market, where smaller gen-older fabs used to supply the industrial market are shutting down due to efficiency and the quest for volume and profit.

Where does this leave the industrial display user used to having long-life products that have become more customized to their applications? These are some of the choices for the industrial customer:

  1. Piggyback off the consumer market, which requires the need for design flexibility on short notice.
  2. Become display experts, having to track every move of the display market and anticipate the market changes.
  3. Put your trust on the internet and Alibaba. 

None of these seem like the right solution for an industrial customer. These companies may do two or fewer designs per year; they might require customization, and certainly need multi-year support.

As with the other specialty areas such as legal or medical, it is good to seek an expert’s advice and support. 

US Micro Products can help by supplying the expertise and guidance to get you back into the market faster with the right display for your application. 

Our knowledge of display technology and supply can help avoid expensive redesigns and provide a long term reliable solution. We are already supplying replacements for EOL displays from Sharp and Mitsubishi, so let us help you.     

If you have questions or need help finding the right display interface, send us an email at

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