35% Longer Life OLEDs

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December 2011, Austin, Tx - New 35% Longer Life PMOLEDs are now offered at US Micro Products. These PMOLEDs, manufactured by RitDisplay, feature almost double the brightness of a traditional PMOLED.   Recent improvements in the OLED allow some of our OLEDs to run more efficiently with higher outputs. When run through a lower current, a longer life for the OLED will result.

We are featuring this with a few of our yellow OLED displays.  However, improvements have also been made to the white and blue colors as well.

This improvement in lifetime allows for the technology to be used in more applications and provides further protection of product longevity.  Standard off-the-shelf displays are available as well as custom solutions for high volume applications.

Please visit our website - http://www.usmicroproducts.com/new-longer-life-oleds for more information.

For more information about our solutions, or to receive additional information or samples that US Micro Products offers, please contact us at (800)741-7755 or sales@usmicroproducts.com

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