Introduction to Touch Technology

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Touch screens are ubiquitous in today’s world, but not many of us understand how they work and how many issues need to be considered when designing a display with a touch interface. This webinar is an introduction to Touch Technology.

We start with the fundamentals of how touch interfaces work. Then we look at the sensor itself and the Touch Controller integrated circuit that provides the brains to interpret what goes on in front of the display. Next, we overview the software interface that allows the touch system to communicate the touches and gestures to the main system controller.

Finally, we introduce the concept of Touch Tuning, when the touch system is adjusted to optimize its performance in the real world, and the noisy environment of the final system. We hope you find this entertaining as well as informative, and we at US Micro Products stand ready to field questions and get into a more in-depth discussion about how touch interfaces can improve your products.

If you have a project that is considering taking advantage of any touch technology, US Micro Products can provide a solution designed for your application. Send us an email at

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