4K displays go mainstream at US Micro Products

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August 2013, Austin Tx – US Micro Products has released an all new line of 4K displays. The panels are intended for design into Original Equipment Manufacturer applications and are manufactured by Innolux Corporation. US Micro Products is piloting the 4K display line in 28, 39, 42, 50, 58 and 65 inch sizes.

4K is a type of liquid crystal display with roughly 4,000 by 2,000 pixels, four times the resolution of traditional 1080p high resolution televisions. Also known as UHD for Ultra High Definition, 4K panels offer a sharper, clearer picture for an extremely detailed and often hyper-realistic experience. Integrators primarily use UHD to achieve maximum impact on the viewer. The technology can also act as a crucial aid in scenarios where extra clarity is needed: for example, when evaluating a medical image like an MRI.

Demand for higher resolution display options has risen sharply among OEMs, especially in the entertainment, medical, industrial, surveillance and design markets, says US Micro Products CEO Dave Alben. “Consumers want higher resolution displays, like we’re seeing in the iPhone,” he explains. “Now they’re getting the chance to create this same experience outside the mobile phone market and with much larger displays. 4K is a great choice for industrial applications, healthcare, casino gaming, public information display, defense, and more.”

4K may still be in the early phases of integration, but is certain to permeate a variety of industries in the near future, especially as content generation and conversion to UHD format catches up with technology. In fact, many display experts predict that 4K will soon supersede 3D as the ultimate home theater experience. For more information visit our 4k page.

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