Open Frame Monitors

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What is an Open Frame Monitor?

An Open Frame Monitor (OFM) is a display device mainly situated in a bare metal enclosure and does not usually include a bezel. It is instead typically supplied with an outer metal flange for mounting. Electronic components are fastened to the inside of the metal chassis and are typically items like display controller A/D board, harnessing, and possibly internal power supply. Touch screens of various types can also be applied to an OFM.

Open frame monitors offer flexibility since they can be easily configured for many different applications just by adding components to the internal chassis. It can easily be integrated into a product design using its flange mounting system.

Applications of OFM

Open frame monitors are well suited for many commercial and industrial applications. They can be found in many applications including: kiosks, gaming machines, ATM machines, industrial equipment, vending machine displays, and displays for avionics applications.