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US Micro Products keyboards provide the unique advantage of being at once very easy to type on and extremely vandal resistant. Unlike most rugged keyboards, which are difficult to type on since they use membrane key switches, ours use full travel mechanical Cherry MX switches, which are long lasting high grade industrial switches that offer the user the same feel and typing experience as an office keyboard.

US Micro Products offers rugged, stainless steel, vandal and water resistant keyboards that are ideal for a variety of high traffic applications. Our keyboards have been frequently used in HR hiring stations, public access kiosks, loyalty check-in desks, department stores, public internet stations, and many other types of equipment requiring heavy end-user interaction.

We offer modules with several cursor types: no trackball (keyboard only), keyboard with embedded trackball, or keyboard with number pad.
Each module is available in a variety of customizable options, including specialized key layouts, several language variants, and USB or PS2 interfaces.

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