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One Glass Touch Solution

One Glass Touch Technology, sometimes referred to as Direct Pattern Window (DPW) or Sensor on Lens (SOL), is a new method of Touch Panel manufacturing that deposits an ITO layer directly underneath the cover lens of the touch panel. This stack up pattern creates a panel that is thinner, lighter and more optically clear. One Glass also lowers the cost of panel manufacturing, and by extension, of overall equipment production. It has already been successfully integrated into several high profile applications, particularly mobile phones and tablets.



  • Thinner
  • Lightweight
  • Simple, Efficient Design
  • Optically Clear
  • Optional: Anti Fingerprint

US Micro Products now offer One Glass Solution with Custom Touch Panels from our manufacturing partners at RitFast. These panels include a wide range of sizes that fit almost any application.

Anti fingerprint coating can be added for a perfect smudge-free finish.

As an added bonus, custom One Glass modules are also available with chemically strengthened glass, which is proven to increase durability and product lifetime. Several quality brand-name options are available to provide up to six times more protection than traditional Soda-lime glass.